June 7, 2007

Is that true always?

+ (+) + = +
- (-) - = _

Can this be true always? I think it is not. this may be true when comes to mathematics.

But when comes to normal life this seems false sametimes. There are some people always think positive and when both are positive result may be negative. same for the negative. I think pepole are not doing +/- operation always. they will try to do other operation just like *,/,%,^,!....
That is why above is not true always...

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දෝර ගලන සිතිවිලි බොඳවෙන අතරේ
ඔබටත් එකක් ආවා නම් මගේ මිතුරේ
ඉන්නේ මොටද බොඳ නොකරම මේ කතරේ
මතක තියේ සැමදාමත් මේ සසරේ

ඔබේ සිතිවිලි මගේ ශක්තියයි.